Sunday, 27 June 2010

screen based mix tape cover for a bespoke CD - paper packaging to be produced and sent over to france this summer.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

This last year has been a journey for me. It was the first time i moved away from my home town to live and study in a new area. London is the complete oposite to where i live as is mainly cities around but i chose this one for the cear about of things going on and the Art and Design scene that is here in London. It has been a true experience living her e managing my own money which i was pretty poor at cooking my own meals, which again i was fairly dreadful at and getting myself to places on my own foot and yes i popped my lazy head on for that too! Once i had got to grips with everything though i pulled my finger out and got on with these things just about. Now i know how the city works i feel more at ease here and have adjusted to the way of living here its hard but has been pretty fun!

Being at LCC has been real exciting even though the area is pretty rundown and rough it was nice to have the opposite of home. It keeps me awake and inspires me in ways i wouldn't get back home. The build itself is great i have tried to use the facilities there as much as possible, but i do need to get in that Darkroom as i do miss printing my photographs. I have been in the print room a little bit also more so in this last project trying to learn the art of print. It is something that really excites me and will hopefully be able to play in there a lot more next year as its so fun printing things. The tutors have all been great and loads of fun when they teach i have enjoyed my classes with them (you) all and they have told me a lot of things that have helped me learn and develop my ideas to a better standard.

I have to say i have enjoyed being a FdA first year and look forward to what next year brings and really hope i get into the second year to go onto learn even more and further my abilities to become a number one designer and take over the world !!!!!!!

bye, have a good summer and i will make a new blog with my new summer work on it for you to look at and even follow if you do to choose so!


Friday, 4 June 2010

upside down picture, stunt plane ?


this book is full of inspiration from Norway Designers. Really do like this book and the style within this book/world they have created. It is so enjoyable to look through this book and makes me want to make amazing highly creative imaginative pieces in my own work. This is a book put together by a group of people who really know what look fucking cool! Have a look on amazon at it, its worth the ££££££££!!!! i was lucky enough to have it brought for me by a lovely person!!

Long Girl hair in scanner.
>>>>>LIBRARYMAN Co Ltd.<<<<< (link)

Christopher Burtscher made this book, found it at Magma book shop in covent garden a week or so ago!

Smiley Face Badges i made.

Trees make people feel happy.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

error with the scanner while i was scanning my negatives today.