Monday, 26 October 2009


Starting to play around with layouts and seeing what works and what doesn't. This one collage is a little too cluttered, though i quite like it's appearance it could do with stripping it down and making it easier too understand. It has a nice textured depth but i think i could improve this by playing with some more.

Found this image (Collage) in a copy of ID magazine. It's a Prada menswear spring/summer 09 invite. The materials caught my eye at first, the use of wood in the image is nice, giving it a tactile feel. The simple silhouette of the person and transparent material behind the wood gives depth within the final image.

Been home this weekend and was able to collect over maybe one hundred million pages from my old magazines. I have started too collected more images up ready for the big assemble in a few days times. I'm enjoying extracting people from images and isolating them from from their true surroundings and creating these piles of cut outs. These have already started to create an interesting set of visuals and i will soon be starting on my one hundred collages. Thinking of taken the final outcomes and having a small book of them all as an extra too go along side this project.