Thursday, 12 November 2009


Visited the Hayward Gallery this week to see the Ed Ruscha exhibition. I have only seen a few bits of his work on the internet so seeing this greater amount was brilliant. His photo realistic approach too painting is exciting and so incredible to see in real life as you really do get a great understanding of how your eyes work when viewing the paintings. You can see how they are built up in layers creating these brilliant dramatic back drops he creates mainly too show off the type and give the text in his pieces a deeper meaning to them. He uses the simple text and image approach with most of his painting which work well and creates a story in your head when looking at them.

The mountains in the last room that we saw were the ones that i had already seen on the interweb. When seeing them in the real you notice the great effects that have gone into the piece, and then realizing the shear size on it too. It has a bulge to it which i think gives the painting a certain weight to it making it look as heavy as it would be in real life. When you stair at the text in which case is 'The' long enough it becomes lost, becoming only a shape. The T of the The also adds to the bulge of the canvas like its ready to explode which is exciting.

Check it out yeah !