Sunday, 1 November 2009


On friday we had a PDF workshop which was a right laugh. We were working in small groups doing small tasks throughout the day and then in the afternoon we made a three page pdf file to show to the rest of the group. i worked with gus and simon and created one hot pdf file it looked amazing and even released a pleasant smell when viewing it. When coming too the deadline at the end of the day we thought we had achieved a brilliant piece of work and got very excited. By getting excited and eager too show it too the rest of the group we hurried the saving process, not knowing we were just saving the first page of three. We then sat back and giving each other pat's on the back for all the hard work we put into this piece of work we achieved, not knowing we were sitting with a memory stick that was only carrying one page from our was horrid when it got plugged in and shown too the class as it was incomplete. We were then labeled the naughty boys which was horrible also as we did an epic piece of work which no one was able too see ! So we are going to re-create our pdf just to prove we can do it and do it well !!