Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I Really like the silhouettes that are formed in these two images when cutting the subject matter from them. It creates a different feel to the image making it give a more silent feel too them, it's interesting and may work on this idea within my final collages.

Playing with ideas and slicing and dicing magazines up, i like including a certain amount of rebelling imagery in my collages. It seems pretty fun creating final images from cut outs and making an image from them. With collage you can say or create anything you wish and people will accept it, or not and i like this if it annoys them i have succeeded and if it has pleased someone then i have succeeded. I don't think they should be limited in what the content can be as they should express what you are feeling at the time. If you want a nude person in the background have one, it's a collage so im just going too have a laugh and create some good fun A6 pieces of greatness...