Friday, 22 January 2010


Went to Barbican today to find a little laundrette that there is there. I found it and got some nice photographs of which will be my first step towards my new project. Seems a nice place to set up base for a few weeks, and it's close but i did nearly get into a fight with a man and his washing, he did not like the idea of having his photograph taken when he was loading his washer bless him...

Anyway these were taken in that area really nice textured concrete buildings scatter through the barbican area. It's an aged area which makes it feel like your in a different city. I like this when you find somewhere in London which feels like it's somewhere else...when this does happen i always then think to myself this is London and there is so much ground to explore and find new and exciting things to photographs and watch and do! I like to go exploring for sure.

Really surprised with this film i used fujifilm superia X-tra 400 i thought it would be a bit rubbish but it's fairly good. It has recorded the light and colours really well !