Friday, 26 February 2010

Sent my portfolio in for the deadline on tuesday morning this week. Thought i would try and bind it up and make a small book for it. This is my online portfolio as book form. I binded it with a sewing machine which has caused it to have a frail spine. This does not matter as it's just a first draft of the book and now i know to do it by hand when i print it for my folio folder. Would be nice to print this A3 but i dont think i'll ever have the funds for that. I will produce a nice little box of prints to go with my online portfolio prints of my books and things will be nice. All very exciting i would like to get a work placement at a printers ideally, as i would like to learn all about print processes, paper weights and different type of papers so i can then make books properly. At the moment i feel i approach this process in a rough way and would like to know more in this area. I am attending book binding workshops so hopefully i will be able to produce some nicer outcomes than this in the future when i learn more !