Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Today i went to play in my space. Took another roll of film and positioned my first naked man into the space. Hopefully my little man will encourage people using the laundrette space to maybe take a few moments to write something down they are thinking or maybe a little drawing, sketch any kind of mark on the page would be nice. It give's us a feeling of how that person is feeling at the time, as the space i have chosen is boring and discouraging for many people. This will be interesting if it does work and look forward to seeing some results from this installation. But it is a risk that nothing will come of it and i would of wasted a day making this little man, anyhow here he is doing his 'ting!'.
(Helvetica Bold)

here are some photographs of the space im working in also that i took whilst i was in it today having an explore of the laundrette. Smelt of gas it was really pleasant...ish?