Monday, 26 April 2010

Today was really inspiring and informative making it a bloody good day out in london. In the morning we visited somerset house to the pick me up graphic art fair which was really good. There was a lot of illustration pieces there which were really great and took great inspiration from them. I really enjoyed seeing the working studios that were there also, they excited me for life after college knowing i could just get that lucky break and end up in somewhere similar to the studios i saw today.

The spaces were really enjoyable to walk around and look at the different gallery spaces and the different environments that each company had created to display their work in the best light and reflect their personal styles within the space it was really cool.

Ryantown was my personal favorite, i have liked his works few a few years now and to be able to see him working away in his little studio at the fair was really exciting for me, and i suggest anyone who enjoys his work or interested in seeing it go and see him here at somerset house its brilliant. He was is witty and full of normal thoughts and feelings that everyone gets and you can relate to a few of his illustrations if not at least one...I enjoyed the Print Club also, it was nice to see people silk screening as it's a thrilling instant satisfaction process so it was good to see the prints coming straight from the print table as they were being done. The space also had some brilliant prints surrounded it and i would love to get into the print room more now, hopefully i will be able to so with this FMP. I really enjoyed the hand drawn pieces more so than the digital outcomes here, i am a massive fan old the old tecniuqes and original processes more than digital processes...always will have this belief.

Here are some photographs from the morning at the fair of the things my eyes and brain enjoyed the most which made me feel happy inside. They were all taken this morning, enjoy...
EVENING TWEED Really nice little space they had here.

This printer below was amazing to watch working also today. You can pick them up for a few hundred pounds, but the ink drums are hard to find and when you do they cost hundreds of pounds more. But really a truly cool piece kit and would love one in my room. At the time i took this photograph it was printing a third layer for a series of comics shooting them through at such a fast pace and had really brilliant final outcome. The printer is a RISO RP 3700