Tuesday, 4 May 2010

TUESDAY 4TH WORKSHOP - Today was a type workshop. We were asked to find some already existing typefaces and then hand render them to make them into your own typeface using fontifier a web based font making site. This typeface had to link to london in some way also. I went to letterpress and played with the letter blocks down there making a usually clean process into a big mess by the art of smudging.

These are three prints. Tim and gus also printed some similar prints also we all fed off each others ideas. The idea being london is a pretty dirty, confusing, highly populated and has alot of forgotten places too. We made these prints to illustrate these ideas. Mine is the middle on and is meant to illustrate the population (finger prints being people) in london which is massive and also the dirt which is also a problem in the city of London. So i guess we have made very negative typefaces but if we didn't who would of? Was a fun workshop thanks David.